About Us

Shishko is a Resto-bar for alcohol lovers and simple and tasty food Located in a magical Tel Aviv courtyard behind the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street.

There is a very wide selection of Balkan cuisine, which is prepared every day - small food, fun, interesting and most importantly tasty!!! All this with happy music at a volume that allows you to talk about the way.


Shishko's Bar receives the most attention, with countless possibilities to enjoy the Drink from excellent beers to special cocktails concocted by the famous mixologist Caster Thompson.

There are 2 bars - a bar in an outdoor area where smoking is also possible and the inner bar for a more intimate and non-smoking atmosphere.

In Shishko you can do private and business events for up to 50 people with the same Balkan experience with a promise for an unforgettable event.

Har Sinai 2 - Tel Aviv Jaffa



Sun-Thu- 17pm - 01 am

Fri - 12am - 1am

Sat - 12pm - 1am

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